This is the biggest thing we’ve ever done.
100 of the poorest families urgently need our help.

The Cambodian Government have announced a bridge to join Phnom Penh with Gunty’s Island. This will force the relocation of 100 families currently living in slums. Every Piece Matters is about providing land for families so we can bring safe housing, primary education for their kids, rescue from debt slavery and provide a steady job for Mum and Dad.

For every $5,000AUD pledged, one family can live on their own land.

The squares below make up a beautiful Mosaic of the families. Black and white squares represent families not yet pledged and their picture will change to full-colour as funds are raised. Each small square represents $200 given.

Let’s paint a better picture.

Join us. Choose a family and pledge to raise up to $5,000.

View the full Mosaic


Check out this clip to meet the families and hear the full story.

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80 of 100 Families Pledged!

Meet the Families

Each family represents a vital piece of the Mosaic we call Gunty’s Island and we believe every one of these pieces matter.

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Tay Family

Tay Sern and Pheun Seyha would like to one day own a small business selling groceries. They live with their two small children in the…

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Sol Family

Morm Sophal’s children are grown, with families of their own, and her husband earns about $5 a day chopping wood for local farmers. He has…

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Ty Family

Chea Sol and Ty Tuy are concerned they will soon be without a place to live. They are Christians, and go to the local church…

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Sam Noun Family

Sam Noun and Chaum Savee borrowed a lot of money ($3,000) to try to launch an agriculture business that failed. They lost their land and…

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