Every Piece Matters is all about setting families up to thrive.


Last year thanks to the support of the RAW community, we’ve been able to purchase land to provide families with a safe and secure place to live. Now, we’re asking you to join us on another crazy adventure – the second chapter of Every Piece Matters.

This is all about building a village From The Ground Up. We want to provide families not just with housing but also with the tools that they need to take hold of all that life has for them.

How We’ll Do It

Our projects team have worked closely with each of our Every Piece Matters families to assess their needs and come up with great solutions that will have huge impact. The three key problem areas that we noticed were around education, debt and employment. 

Primary Education

Break the poverty cycle with education

Debt Rescue

Release a family from debt slavery


Set a family up to thrive with a solid income