The Chan Family

Our Story

Thorn Sean and her husband, Chhurn Then would like to live close to a market, so they could sell vegetables they grow. They currently make about $5/day fishing and have four children, three of whom attend public school. They had a home, but it fell into the river in the recent mudslide with the Chomreun family’s house.



3 kids


Current Employment



Current Debt


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How You Can Help

It’s great that you want to get involved! Your support can make a huge impact in the lives of the Chan family. The Chan family’s urgent needs are for their kids to receive quality education and to be free from debt slavery.

1. Choose a Family

You can choose to support this family or another family from the Every Piece Matters mosaic.

2. Choose your goal

Whether it’s Freedom Partners ($2,000), Bright Ideas ($4,000), supporting both urgent needs ($6,000) or another amount. You can pledge to fundraise of donate yourself.

3. Spread the Word

Raising Awareness Worldwide is all about giving the Chan family a voice and sharing their story.

Urgent Needs

  • Freedom Partners

  • Bright Ideas

Freedom Partners

Debt Rescue

$2000 to release the Chan family from debt slavery and fund our village support officer.

Bright Ideas

Primary Education

$4000 provides new resources and facilities to expand the SALT School guaranteeing the Chan kids the opportunity to receive great primary education.