Agriculture Facilitator

As the Agriculture Facilitator you will work with our local Ag Partners team to deliver exceptional ag projects in remote villages in Cambodia.

Primarily working on vegetable ground gardens, hydroponics, livestock, aquaponics and irrigation. You will work alongside village families and volunteers to deliver projects.

  • Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  • Agricultural degree or many years experience in a similar role

  • Minimum seven month term

Ability to work with Khmer locals

Understanding of cultural sensitivities

Positive Attitude

Enthusiasm is key

People person

Ability to get along with people from all different backgrounds

Work well in a team and individually

An encouraging spirit and can-do attitude are necessary

Passion to help build sustainable projects

Ability to create a worthwhile project for local villages

Trade or practical experience

Horticulture, agriculture or farming background

I love working in agriculture because you get to see growth all around you. I just want to make people happy and change their lives. I want to show them that lasting, long-term change is possible.

Ratha Sreng, Sustain Team

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