Become a Project Partner and invest in people and projects on the ground in Cambodia. Your continued support will drive projects to reach more people, become more sustainable and see greater change in the world. Choose a project to get started as a RAW Project Partner!


Sustainable Housing

Fundraise to help families have a roof over their head. $5000 can give a whole family a home!


SALT School

Kids getting an education is so important. Fundraise and help provide more opportunities for students at SALT.


Dairy Goats

Goats are fantastic as they provide milk and goats cheese for families to eat and sell for additional income. Aim for $600 and you’ll have raised enough for a female milking goat.


Water for Everyone

Clean water is a basic human right and you can make that a reality for families in Cambodia! Fundraise to help us purchase a drilling rig so that we can help hundreds of families receive clean water.


Debt Rescue

Families in Cambodia struggle to survive, earning around $2 a day. Having significant debt on top of this makes things difficult. Your fundraising can help us provide support to families in these situations.


Family Veggie Gardens

Veggie gardens provide food for families to feed their kids but also a source of income as they can sell any additional produce at the local markets. Your fundraising can go a long way here with $500 providing a whole garden for a family.


SEAL Training

English is a huge asset when you are looking for employment in a booming tourist area like Cambodia. Help to equip our students with great English skills so they can reach their dreams and continue to improve their spelling, English and literacy.


Seeds Schools

Support a fantastic kindergarten that is supported by well-trained staff. Seeds Schools provide a great service to the communities they work in by educating their children in a variety of subjects. Your fundraising will help to cover things like teacher’s wages, school resources and student uniforms.