Chhayrorn Khorn

Head of Accounts

When did you start working with RAW? 
I started working with RAW in October 2019

What did you do before working with RAW?
Senior Finance at Tourist Travel Agency Company

What does your job involve?
I am involved with daily transactions, accounts payable and accounts receivable, bank reconciliations, monthly staff payroll preparation, monthly tax declaration, manage month end and year end closing

What is your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part of my job is accounting and finance tasks.

How has working with RAW changed your life?
Since I started working with RAW, my life is have been changed a lot. I know how to help people who are poor and share love with them. I have learnt new things from RAW’s teams when we share knowledge with each other. I really appreciate RAW’s Management teams for their compassion to help the poor people.


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Your donation helps to cover Chhay’s monthly salary here in Cambodia and allows RAW to continue to employ her and others in doing the every day work that makes our projects possible.

Dany’s Story

Why invest in people?

Because the legends we call RAW Crew are the real heroes driving our projects every day. They are local builders on the tools building bamboo homes, they are teachers empowering the next generation, they are passionate young people driving powerful change through social media, personal engagement, projects, team logistics and more. They INSPIRE us.


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