Sophal Mom

Organisational Services Assistant

When did you start working with RAW?
November 2013

What did you do before working with RAW?
I was the housekeeper for a private house of American family in Phnom Penh

What does your job involve?
My job involves housekeeping & cleaning of RAW property and helping with administration at finance department

What is your favourite part of your job?
My favourite part of my job is cleaning, as I am happy to see the offices are tidy

How has working with RAW changed your life?
It has changed me a lot and I have a better life, I have learnt from my colleagues, and I have a better income to support my family.


Support Sophal for $500 per month

Your donation helps to cover Sophal’s monthly salary here in Cambodia and allows RAW to continue to employ her and others in doing the every day work that makes our projects possible.

Dany’s Story

Why invest in people?

Because the legends we call RAW Crew are the real heroes driving our projects every day. They are local builders on the tools building bamboo homes, they are teachers empowering the next generation, they are passionate young people driving powerful change through social media, personal engagement, projects, team logistics and more. They INSPIRE us.


Support a future change-maker.