Vanna Tum

EPM Facilitator

How long have you worked with RAW? Since January 2019.

What did you do before working with RAW? I owned my own small restaurant in Phnom Penh where I sold Khmer food. After that, I worked for different businesses in administration. I then started my own Tuk Tuk driving business.

What does your job involve? I now do social work for RAW. I help with the debt rescue program and train our EPM families to deal with their debt. I also teach the families about how to live healthy lifestyles.

What is your favourite part of your job? I like working for an NGO that helps people out of bad situations. I enjoy using my own experience to work with the families who are living in poverty but want to live better lives.

How has working with RAW changed your life? The culture at RAW has changed my life. Everyone is helpful and I like the teamwork here. I am also learning new skills and I know RAW will give me more experience.


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Dany’s Story

Why invest in people?

Because the legends we call RAW Crew are the real heroes driving our projects every day. They are local builders on the tools building bamboo homes, they are teachers empowering the next generation, they are passionate young people driving powerful change through social media, personal engagement, projects, team logistics and more. They INSPIRE us.


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