Our Solutions

After much research and planning, we believe the key to solving issues in primary education, debt slavery and livelihoods can be tackled using these three solutions below.


Our team have considered the two most urgent needs for each of our 100 families. Applying two of the most urgent solutions for each of these families.


Bright Futures is all about equipping and resourcing SALT School so it can grow and provide quality education to more students. Many of the Every Piece Matters families have children who are primary school aged but unable to afford to pay the $x per term to come to the SALT School.


Support of Bright Futures projects will provide new resources and facilities to expand the SALT School. This includes a new classroom block, funding for SALT School staff and of course, many new resources such as books and pencils. 


Debt Slavery is a huge issue for many of our Every Piece Matters. Their stories are often very similar. A family member becomes sick or they need to purchase a fishing net to earn a living and what starts as $50 quickly turns into thousands of dollars owing to multiple lenders.

Our Freedom Partners project works with families to find sustainable ways to pay back their loans and ensure they don’t fall back into the same pattern of debt. This is not just about paying off the debt but about funding a village officer to connect with families regularly and create a safety net.


We want to see all of these families have the chance to Lift Off and reach for their dreams! One main thing has resonated throughout our time with these families and that is their dream to be able to provide for their children and see them live a better life.


Lift Off seeks to make this dream a reality by creating sustainable industries that will provide employment for many of these families. Industries currently in the pipeline are a bamboo farm and treatment plant, a Khmer building team and goat farming.


The Lift Off project will also help those who are already running their own business by working with them to see what they need to help increase their business. This might be a new fishing net, a larger wok to cook in or a few goats to start their herd.