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Our projects

Every Piece Matters

RAW Impact began in Cambodia in 2013 as a grassroots organisation, dedicated to providing a hand up to families living in poverty. Since then, we’ve built a school, supported local community development projects, and have undertaken an ambitious goal to build a thriving bamboo village to provide a safe community for so many families.

On Country

In 2020, RAW Impact started partnering with First Nations communities to support their goals and vision for their future. We are committed to working alongside one another long-term to build places for healing and reconnection. Together we have built outdoor kitchens, gathering areas, and spaces to learn culture.

Powered by people

RAW Impact’s philosophy to ‘give a voice to others’ aligns with the values of our School. More importantly, their actions on the ground in Cambodia live the values of inclusion, dignity and service. Through the guidance of RAW Impact, our students learn that through service love can be expressed in deeds.

Wendy Keene
Service Learning Coordinator Hale School

Partnering with RAW for our trip to Cambodia has been an immensely rewarding experience. The dedicated RAW Crew don’t just build homes in the EPM village but also foster a strong sense of community and growth through various projects across Cambodia. Their fundamental “hand up, not hand out” ideology must be seen as the impact of providing safe shelter, access to essential facilities, and empowering resources like financial literacy and health education truly highlights the transformative power of Every Piece Matters to the people who need it most.

Charlie Beveridge
Student, Hale School

With RAW I get to work alongside young people and adults and help them confirm not only that we are all much more capable than we give ourselves credit for, but that together we are able to do something that significantly changes the way other people experience tomorrow, and that is an opportunity I do not want to let pass.

Mark Botham-Clark
Volunteer Team Leader/ Qualified Builder

Joining RAW’s trips to build bamboo houses for families has been an immensely rewarding experience. Witnessing the transformation these houses bring to families and their lives, fuels my passion for supporting Raw Impact’s mission of giving a hand up, not a handout, through sustainable change.

Gary James
Trip Participant
Director – Clear Skies Ahead

RAW is doing a marvellous job restoring the Yumba and setting the groundwork for future beautification projects. Trip participants learn new manual skills and also I see growth in their relationships through their working together on projects – It’s important for this new generation of Australians to learn the true history of Australia, and how that still impacts on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders today. It’s good for me to share what I know about our culture, as it keeps it alive in my heart and mind.

Sue Saunders
Gunggari Community Member

RAW’s On Country experience provides the opportunity for significant growth in the cultural intelligence and personal capacity of those attending. Many students by way of their post-trip reflections share that it is not just another camp but a journey of self-discovery and connection that delivers learning and development they can bring back into their lives both within the College community and beyond.

Tim Ricketts
Head of Year 10
St Andrew’s Anglican College

It takes a village!

RAW is driven forward by a community of regular and one-off givers who are passionate about seeing generational change happen in countries like Cambodia and Australia. We need your help to continue to do big ambitious projects – to see families and communities changed for the better.

We are a hands-on experience.
You are invited.

RAW Impact is an invitation to join us to Raise Awareness Worldwide. We know we don’t have all the answers but we’re up for the challenge to tackle big and meaningful projects together. By fostering new ideas and trying different ways of doing things, we believe we can inspire generational change in the world. Join us.