At RAW Impact, we’re committed to upholding best practice and accountability in everything we do. We’re a registered international non-profit organisation in Cambodia and Australia.


Valuing each and every supporter we strive to gain maximum impact for every dollar raised and invested. We realise the exceptional value of a skilled and highly efficient administrative team as well as a strong strategic projects team in-country. Our income is split 7.5% for our compliance and administration, 10% for growth and awareness and 82.5% for RAW Impact projects.

The majority of our income (approx 60%) is derived from Team Trip participant fundraising, approximately 10% from regular monthly givers, with the balance coming from corporate supporters, grants and one-off donors.


RAW Impact International Limited is a registered non-profit organisation in Australia, with a Board of Directors in place. Reporting to ACNC and undertaking annual external financial reviews.

RAW Impact Organisation is a registered Non-Government Organisation (NGO) in Cambodia, fully accountable to the Cambodian Department of Taxation and operating under NGO compliance.


Our approach to community development is underpinned by our strong values and is driven by current best-practice principles that guide our work. We understand different communities require different approaches. Cultural norms, government regulations, local economy, physical environment and other factors such as the stories, culture and heritage of a community all require careful consideration and a unique response. The skills and abilities of individuals within the community should also be empowered and activated where possible.

In conjunction with Elders, Leaders and local stakeholders we seek to listen to understand real needs and situations first, driven by our relationships approach. Evaluating and tracking our outcomes and impact, we adjust accordingly to maximise results, capture lessons learned and scale success. We leverage our Media team and online platforms, giving timely feedback to supporters and engaging those joining us in Raising Awareness Worldwide.


Our RAW Impact Board consists of highly professional leaders who have been with us from the beginning. They support by creating and shaping RAW to be what it is today, providing professional consulting advice, high-level strategic planning and guidance as well as ensuring compliance and governance. Their well-travelled, hands-on investment in RAW including bringing their own families on multiple trips with us, puts RAW in a great position as we navigate the future ahead. Troy and Nicole Roberts, in their executive positions within RAW, also maintain a seat on the Board of Directors.

With a Crew of 21 based in Cambodia and 14 in Australia, we are privileged to work with a diverse International team of passionate staff and volunteers including some amazing Cambodian Nationals. We plan to continue expanding our team across Cambodia, Australia and other locations abroad! This will include training a team of experienced Parachute Crew to lead out on our Team Trips.

Meet our Board…

Scott Pittman

Board Chair

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Scott has over 20 years of management and consulting experience to leading organizations and he is a respected practitioner in strategy and planning, change management, project implementation, operations and supply chain having advised clients across Australia and North America.

Scott has engaged with the senior management and Boards of clients and their customers within regulated markets, oil and gas, agriculture, airline, mining, membership, hospitality, academic, retail, government and not-for-profit sectors across a range of transformation and growth assignments.

Before leading Mates Consulting in Western Canada, Scott was a Senior Consultant with Churchill Consulting in Western Australia. Prior to that Scott was Executive Manager – Marketing, Communications and Strategic Projects with the Plan B Group, and consulted with The Marketing Centre in Australia and Kingsford Consulting in Canada. Having lived and worked in various parts of Australia, North America, Africa and Asia, he possesses a worldly perspective that he brings to client engagements.

Scott is proudly a founding and current Board member of Raw Impact.

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Todd Mairs

Board Member

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Todd is a Director of Raw Impact and has a passion for making a difference in the lives of those around him. Whether it’s in his day job as a Management Consultant or as a long-standing Director of RAW, he is driven to see improvement, innovation and impact. He has been travelling with his family to Cambodia for many years and continues to love seeing the difference RAW makes for those less fortunate.

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Nicole Roberts

Secretary, COS

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Passionate about people and social justice, Nicole was inspired to travel and volunteer in South Africa and Cambodia, where she gained over 15 years experience working with vulnerable young people. 

Before co-founding RAW Impact, Nicole was living in Cambodia and working for the SHE Rescue Home as the In-Country Director. The home was a safe-haven and provided rehabilitation to trafficked, raped and prostituted girls from five to 16 years of age. 

Nicole currently serves as Secretary on the Board of RAW Impact and her day-to-day role as Chief of Services is pivotal for the seamless operations, both in Cambodia and Australia.

Nicole has enjoyed the last two years of fast tracked learning and is greatly excited by the On Country program and its potential to change lives.

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Troy Roberts

Board Member, CEO

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Originally from Darwin, Troy is a highly skilled and accomplished leader in the Not-For-Profit space, leveraging more than 20 years of experience working across various countries and positions. Formal tertiary training in business and law, the co-founder of RAW Impact, an Australian registered Non Profit operating in Cambodia and First Nations Australia for the last 10 years. Has built a large successful team of committed staff together with a significant volunteer base, professional speaker, innovator in the space. Quickly developing expertise in the Youth Justice area, on a steep learning curve and an incredible journey alongside Elders and stakeholders.

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