For us, Cambodia is where it all started. We have a deep love for its people and culture. We also know the need.

Our partnership in numbers:

People on the ground

Bamboo houses built

Local Khmer staff

Tarantulas eaten*

*You don’t have to eat a tarantula to go to Cambodia but they do taste surprisingly good…

From humble beginnings…

Our Founders lived and were based in Cambodia from the start. Very quickly a local Cambodian team came together including a few legends like Salin and Darath who are still with us today. Our early projects focused on meeting basic needs in the village centred around the buckets of ‘Sustain’, ‘Educate’ and ‘Protect’. Our first major project was building the SALT School for 200+ kids in Taskor Village who were trying to learn under a mango tree. When we opened the school we realised many of the kids were from families living in the surrounding slums…

100+ vulnerable families…

Around the time we opened the school, the Cambodian Government announced two new bridges to span the Mekong River so they could build Phnom Penh city number two…one of which went right into Taskor Village where the school is located. We quickly realised this would mean many slum families would lose their homes and be forcefully relocated to remote parts of the country, with their kids missing out on vital education, the key to unlocking poverty.

So together we launched our most ambitious project yet – to build an entirely new village from the ground up for 100+ families living in the slums, riverbeds and lake around Taskor Village. We called it Every Piece Matters.

A bamboo village!

Through the support of many generous people, we were able to fund the purchase of a five-acre block of dirt in a flood zone on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. We bought an excavator, dozer and truck to build huge five-metre-high berms to protect the village from floodwaters and went about learning how to build with bamboo. The initial homes on our interim block taught us many techniques and the locals gave great feedback on what sort of homes they wanted. We’ve now constructed over 40 homes with bathrooms and have many families still on the waiting list.

The vision is huge but it continues to amaze us what small groups of people can do when they come together.

Life-changing adventures.
Impact that matters.

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