In 2011,

We were both working for other international non profit organisations in Cambodia when we met (set up on a blind date!) and quickly discovered we shared a huge heart for the people of Cambodia with a passion to make a lasting difference.


Little did we know, in June the following year, our first project would be hosting 60 of our closest family and mates on the ground in Cambodia to celebrate our wedding!!

Only days later, relaxing on a beautiful beach watching the sunset in Thailand, we began to dream about a different kind of non profit…

A non profit unique at the core with the aim to share a story.

Inspiring people from our world and giving them a tangible way to drive powerful change.


A group of people coming together to take on and grapple with some huge injustices we’d seen first-hand.

Innovating and exploring fresh ideas from the most skilled and experienced to the youngest primary school kid, to the villagers themselves.

A non profit that’s ok to fail and learn.

With an all-inclusive ‘anyone can get amongst it’ approach – it’s not about your affluence, beliefs, politics, background, ethnicity, age, education or culture. Sure, bring all of them. But it’s about real, lasting impact for real, desperate people.


Surprising ourselves it’s often the little things which can make a big difference.

We’re passionate to give others their own life-changing experiences engaging with these people and creating their own stories.

The job is big but when a crew of people come together we can achieve great things and create remarkable impact!

We only know this because we’ve watched it first hand.

To the many hundreds of legends who have stepped up and joined this journey: you inspire and motivate us and have made some of the best friends and memories of our life! You are family.

Together. Raising Awareness Worldwide is truly at the heart of what we believe.