Our team is made up of incredible people from all walks of life who are using their skills to make a difference. We’re always looking for more great people to join the RAW Crew!


With degrees in Law and Business (Finance) Troy previously worked as a youth pastor and chaplain as well as in the non profit sector. He provides vision, strategy and shares the RAW story in Australia and abroad. Troy's favourite pastime is AFL footy, currently playing with the Cambodian Eagles.

Troy Roberts

Founder and CEO

Nicole previously worked in the mining sector and was In-Country Director of the SHE Rescue Home in Cambodia before moving full-time with RAW. Nicole plays a key role in building RAW's People and Culture as well as supporting vision and strategy. Mama to Maya and Matilda, Nicole loves the adventure of raising two beautiful girls in Cambodia.

Nicole Roberts

Founder and Director

Brett has a background in building retail businesses from the ground up and plays a pivotal role in RAW’s structural and strategic development and managing RAW's overall operations. Brett is a triathlete who enjoys yoga and getting around by bicycle.

Brett Jackson

Operations Director

With a degree in Communications and over five years experience working in the non profit sector, Monique has an exceptionally creative skill-set leading everything from our online presence to creative assets for teams to driving our campaigns.

Monique Sleight

Creative Director
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Mark and his family joined a RAW team trip in 2014 where they all found a passion for Cambodia and RAW’s projects. Three years on, the whole family has moved to Cambodia for six months. Mark brings to his role a wealth of experience in administration and HR from working as a Senior Manager in the Western Australia public sector.

Mark Smedley

Organisational Services Director

With experience in logistics and organisational management, Harriet has been an integral member of our team, assuring the smooth integration of our long-term volunteers and coordinating RAW’s team trips. Harriet has a big heart for the locals we work alongside and loves to explore Cambodia and keep active.

Harriet Boyd

Engagement Facilitator

Darath mentors and leads an exceptional local team of young photographers, editors, animators and videographers in his role heading up our Media, being responsible for the awe-inspiring content which helps spread the message of RAW Impact around the world. His biggest loves are his wife Dany and little boy Lory.

Darath Ngoun

Head of Media

Ratha has a degree in Community Development with a focus in Agriculture and uses his skills to increase the capacity of RAW's beneficiary families to earn sustainable livelihoods and provide for their children. Ratha has recently become engaged to be married!

Ratha Sreng

Head of Projects: Sustain

Sonya joins RAW as a well-travelled volunteer having worked in several countries across the world. Her former work as a school principal and teacher means Sonya offers game-changing innovation and training in leading RAW’s Education programs. Sonya is passionate about people and getting out on her bicycle in Phnom Penh.

Sonya Reaves

Head of Projects: Educate

As a qualified Electrician, Pete leads our Protect programs at RAW, managing the Every Piece Matters building project as well as our local construction team including the trade school training program. Pete enjoys AFL, Japanese food and exploring the sites of Cambodia.

Peter Fitzgerald

Head of Projects: Protect

Ben, an avid coffee drinker and baseball fan, is an amazing addition to our RAW Crew. With more than 10 years of retail sales experience under his belt working with companies such as Volkswagen and Apple, Ben drives the growth of RAW in Queensland.

Ben Cromwell

Growth Facilitator
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Nam has a degree in Accounting and leads a team who provides financial accountability and management ensuring every dollar donated through RAW is stretched to achieve the biggest impact. Nam has a beautiful little girl named Ella.

Nam Van

Head of Finance

Blake is a qualified chippy having worked in the construction industry across the globe in England, Australia and New Zealand. Leading RAW's construction projects he plays a key role in our Bamboo village build as part of Every Piece Matters and provides leadership to both our local and expat building crew.

Blake Hale

Projects Facilitator: Protect
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Coming from Sydney, Seb first joined the UNSW Collaborate trip in 2016 before deciding to volunteer full time. Seb brings his diverse project management and hands-on skill set to the Projects team in Cambodia, working closely with our local Khmer staff to deliver life-changing projects.

Seb Bujnowski

Projects Facilitator: Protect
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Tom joined RAW longer term after joining the Barossa Crew team trip in 2015, and now utilises his hands on skills as a qualified mechanic to assist RAW's Protect building programs as well as facilitating the family communication aspect of our Every Piece Matters project. Tom enjoys social time with friends and travel.

Tom Melton

Projects Facilitator: Protect

After joining RAW’s Elevate Leavers trip in 2016, Jay decided to take a gap year and relocate to Cambodia to work in RAW's Social Media and content creation team. Jay enjoys the local Cambodian food and has decided to extend his volunteering for another six months!

Jay Couper

Social Media Coordinator
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Lou is a primary education teacher who worked with Parklands Christian College in Queensland before joining RAW in 2017. With her vast knowledge of primary learning methods, Lou works closely alongside local teachers to share and better equip them to teach the next generation of Khmer children.

Louise McNabb

Project Facilitator: Educate

It was during her first trip to Cambodia as a year 12 student Tessa found her purpose - making a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. She spent 12 months volunteering in the Perth office and now lives and works in Cambodia. Tessa develops volunteer/ambassador engagement packs along with other Growth resources. Tessa is a creative who loves all things artistic.

Tessa Dorotich

Head of Volunteers
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Renee joins us a full time volunteer on our Social Media team to help spread the story of RAW and raise awareness for a cause close to her heart. Renee first came to Cambodia with RAW in 2016 on the Elevate trip before moving to Cambodia in 2017. Bio coming soon

Renee Keating

Social Media Facilitator

Maddi is a bright and enthusiastic high school graduate spending part of her gap year in Cambodia. First encountering RAW on a team trip with the Barossa Crew in 2015, Maddi’s passion for change has guided her journey. She plans on studying a Bachelor Degree in Intercultural Studies when she returns home from Cambodia with the hope of being able to continue to make powerful change in the future.

Maddi Hegarty

Growth Intern

Piseth has a Degree in Community Development, focusing on Agriculture and works alongside RAW's beneficiaries to implement and increase sustainable livelihoods in the village. Piseth enjoys playing football on the weekends with is friends.

Piseth Im

Project Assistant: Sustain

Salin is extremely talented in videography and gives incredible attention to detail in all things media. Salin is RAW's camera man who goes the extra mile to get the perfect capture. He loves meeting new people from across the globe and was one of Cambodia's very own TV stars when he was little.

Salin Kong

Media Facilitator

Heng is a passionate and valuable member of our Media Team, constantly learning new ways to develop his skills, be it in photography, cinematography or animation. Heng likes meeting friends, playing soccer and challenging our RAW Crew for a game at any chance!

Heng Sary

Media Assistant

Huor's incredible commitment and passion in design and photography are key to the growth of the Media Team, enabling us to capture and create inspirational social media, campaigns and videos. Huor's fun-hearted and loves playing drums, soccer and hanging out with family and friends.

Huor Kim

Media Assistant
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Using her gift of English and Khmer, Mom works personally with the Every Piece Matters project, liaising with our families in the village. Mom also supports logistics for RAW’s team trips, ensuring you have everything you need when arriving in-country. Mom enjoys meeting new people and sharing her Cambodia with them.

Mom Van

Projects Facilitator: Protect and Volunteering

Using her creativity and love for design and textiles, Leang is responsible for all of the products produced at RAW Impact, while passionately and diligently expanding our products department. Leang is married and with her beautiful voice, enjoys leading worship at her local church in Phnom Penh.

Leang Van

Products Creator
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A Queensland native, Jethro joins RAW to work alongside the Every Piece Matters families. Jethro is studying a degree in International Relations and brings his skill set and passion for change to his role. As part of our projects team, he focuses on the alleviation of debt and debt management for the families in Ta Skor village.

Jethro Boyd

Projects Facilitator: Protect

Incredibly passionate and kind-hearted, Dany supports the facilitation of the Every Piece Matters project, using her language skills in Khmer and English to communicate and connect the local villagers and RAW, whilst building and strengthening relationships. Dany's loves are her husband Darath and son, Lori.

Dany Sruy

Projects Facilitator: Protect

Jaemie came to Cambodia as a 16 year old and instantly felt a connection with the country and it's people. In the Perth office, Jaemie manages behind the scenes logistics for team trips and likes spreadsheets and reporting, which makes her everyone's favourite team mate! She loves netball and chicken nuggets.

Jaemie Duncan

Engagement Facilitator

After joining the Elevate School Leaver's team in January 2016, Sarah chose to volunteer part time in the Perth office while taking a break from university. She has loved her time with RAW changing her university education to degrees leading to a long term career in Humanitarian work, hopefully within the RAW team! Sarah is a self-confessed nerd who loves to read and learn, especially when it's related to helping people.

Sarah Durrant

Engagement Intern
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A qualified carpenter and business owner, with previous experiences in youth work and community building, Andrew brings a wealth of experience to the team. Assisting the Perth office with team building, strategy and mentoring, Andrew has a heart to see people become the very best version of themselves and make their unique mark on the world. Andrew loves spending time with his wife and three kids, fishing, camping and making memories.

Andrew Herden

Engagement Liason
Vol intake (2)

Liz joined RAW on a trip to Cambodia with the From The Ground Up in early 2017 before deciding on a change of scenery, moving from Sydney to Phnom Penh. Having previously worked as a receptionist for a hotel, she brings vast organisational and management skills to her role as Volunteer Facilitator, sorting the various in’s and out’s for every volunteer on the ground with RAW.

Liz Wills

Volunteers Facilitator
Vol intake

Josh is from a small country town in Queensland and has grown up surrounded by farming. After coming to volunteer in Cambodia in 2015 for two weeks, Josh found a passion for change in Cambodia and decided to join RAW on the Projects team. With his experience in farm work and labouring, Josh is a valuable asset to our powerhouse Projects team!

Josh Shayler

Projects Facilitator: Protect
We are always on the look out for passionate people to join our team – in Cambodia, Australia or abroad